HOA Annual Meeting

The Sawyers Landing HOA Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, January 19th at Bethel Presbyterian Church in the Fellowship Hall at 7PM.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend due to board member elections, 2017 budget, upcoming community projects, improvements and neighborhood issues.  Throughout the past two years the board has initiated a tree trimming and replacement program, kayak rack, picnic area at the lake, new street signs and posts, new street lights, sidewalk repair and pool improvements.  The board wants input from the home owners for new and existing projects so please attend.

Major complaints from homeowners in 2016 was lawn and landscaping conditions throughout the neighborhood along with cars being parked on the grass and sidewalks.  We understand the drought conditions everyone faced this year and it was difficult to manage the lawns but landscaping, weeds, high grass, edging driveways and sidewalks were major issues.  Multiple times children in strollers and on bikes had accidents on sidewalks due to parked cars, high grass and weeds growing on the sidewalks.

The goal is to have a beautiful, clean and safe community in order to keep property values high.

Hawthorne Management has mailed all home owners letters pertaining to the Annual Meeting, 2017 Approved Budget, Nomination and Proxy forms.

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